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Plotter to Film System

Digital Ferrania Grafica has introduced
a new product in Pre-printing field
(typolitography, serigraphy, flexography
and pad printing): the ecological PtF Plotter
to Film system can realize separation color films
with inkjet technology with advantaging costs.
PtF system doesn't use chemical products for the
development but natural light, allowing the printing of
films with nets until 180 lpi. PtF system is made of:

Ferrania Software OPTIJET RIP

The brain of Plotter to Film System Ferrania is the OptijetRip sotware, created for
the production of color separation films.
It contains all the calibrations for our different films. It is available in different versions,
according to the width of the plotter and in different languages.
Digital Ferrania Grafica OptijetRip 9 can produce color selection, using all the range of new
Epson wide format plotters and CS Clear Film with Digital Ferrania Grafica brand.It is
recommended for serigraphy and flexography, but also for companies using CtP or image setters,
as cheap backup system used for color selections. With OptijetRIP 9 it is possible to check AM and
FM screening parameters. In AM mode, it is possible to use different shape points. In FM mode, it is
possible to create different dimensions points.

Ferrania CS Clear Film

Available in four different typologies to satisify all the needs.

EPSON plotter

Epson plotters are selected and qualified for this application, thanks to the piezo-electric print heads which grant low temperatures and high definition of the line; also the mechanical side of the new Epson series results to be the best and assures uniformity and precision during the dragging of the film.

Request the Download of OptiJetRIP 10

Compatible only on PC (no MAC).
Once registered, you can download the demo version with all the functionality of the product, except for profiles and linearizations ink.
This version is designed only for display, but you can also use it for printing (you should ask for assistance service@ferraniagrafica.it).

OptiJetRIP 10 will write, in print mode, the word DEMO on the entire area of the Job.
For further technical information, download Technical Data Sheet (TDS).
For sale information and product activation contact sales@ferraniagrafica.it.

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