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Ink Jet Clear Film

Our range of transparent films is made
of four different types of Color Separation
Film and can satisfy different applications,
such as typography, serigraphy, pad printing,
flexography with humid polymers and solid plates.
Clear Film Products

  • CS High Quality Film is particularly designed for
    high precision and wide dimensions works. Thanks to
    the bigger thickness and great dimensional control, it is
    normally used by the exigent customers.
    In the version SUPER is indicated for machining of high
    quality and negative.

  • The CS Premium Film has a smaller thickness than HQ CS film, but
    has great absorbing features, so it is particularly designed for all the
    commercial applications.
  • The CS GT film has a Matt surface thanks to which the transport on plotter is
    better and suitable for flexography applications.
  • Finally Color Clear Film is used for medium-low quality applications and colored printings
    on transparent films.